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The Great American Novel?

Actually, I write techno thrillers. THE DISTANCE BETWEEN, Book I of THE CUBIK CONSPIRACY, is available now!

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Audiobook Narration

From hard sci-fi to historical fiction, I have narrated some fantastic audio books written by incredibly talented authors.

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Jason Brenizer interviews scientists, entrepreneurs, and authors, along with reading original fiction stories.

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50 Critical Questions

Author & Publisher Resources

50 Critical Questions: Discover the Perfect Audiobook Producer helps authors magnify their fan base and massively increase revenue through phenomenal audiobooks.

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Having been both a scientist and a filmmaker, I write visceral novels, tackling complex problems. Character driven techno-thrillers with worldwide implications.  


Sometime between being a scientist and a filmmaker, I was also an actor, and my love of performance continues, narrating my novels, along with the works of other amazing authors.


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Audio Books

Narrated by Jason Brenizer

Watch the trailer for the film that inspired THE CUBIK CONSPIRACY book series!